GARDENHOME: Welcome to our family.

(Apr 28, 2021): Hi there! Our websites are now set up, but just very bare. We will add more as we continue through. Thank you for being patient!


Frequent Fronters:

Mouth Dreams

Mouth Moods

Mouth Silence

Mouth Sounds



DNI if you fit any of the following criteria: fit basic DNI criteria (pedophilic, homophobic, racist), are right-winged, are an NSFW account, are in SHtwt or EDtwt, and/or are against xenogenders and neopronouns.

Before you follow, please note: This body is a minor, we are a traumagenic system, we have several self-dxs, and we believe systems of all types are valid.

Our triggers include: Gore, lynching, body horror/trauma, eye horror/trauma, the song Cradles by Sub Urban (audio), the album Everywhere At The End of Time by The Caretaker (audio).